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Photographers worldwide:

Open Call to Join


FotoVisura’s invitation-only annual membership for photographers, editors and institutions


Deadline: December 1, 2014

Application is free and does not require a FotoVisura account.
Entrance to GUILD will be selected by:


Whitney Johnson

Director of Photography, The New Yorker

Adriana Teresa Letorney

Co-founder, FotoVisura


The open call begins Monday October 27, 2014 at 6:00 AM EST.

Deadline: Monday December 1st at 11:59PM EST. Results will be announced January 15, 2015.

Prizes: Five (5) photographers will be selected as winners and given a one year sponsored membership to GUILD. In addition to the winners, an unlimited group of photographers will be awarded with invitation to join GUILD with the requirement of paying the annual membership fee.

Eligibility: photographers worldwide producing work for journalism, media, editorial, advertising, fashion, entertainment, the music industry, fine art, book publishing, online/mobile media, private and public engagements, as well as NGOs and corporate companies.

There is no application fee. If a photographer is invited to join GUILD, he or she does have to pay the annual membership fee.

Submission: Each Entry consists of a short biography (1000 characters), CV, and two links to recent projects from the photographers website, blog or FV-Profile. Each project will consist of a series of images (minimum of 15 images, maximum 35), and a written reflection about the project. Photographers who do not have a website can create a free trial account at

• Each photographer must agree that he or she is not exclusively represented by an agency.

• Agree to the Open Call Terms and Conditions as well as FotoVisura's membership Terms and Conditions

• Upon submission, the photographer agrees that if invited to join GUILD, he or she is ready and willing to pay the annual membership fee. Photographers will be given a 14 day free trial of the GUILD website builder to test the site before making a commitment.

Contact us with questions at:


• $295.00/yr.

• Payment Plans
Two payments of $165.00 ($330.00/yr.)
Monthly payment of $30.00 ($360.00/yr.)



GUILD is an invitation-only annual membership on for photographers, editors, curators and organizations worldwide. A photographer’s GUILD membership includes a hosted website with access to an exclusive networking platform and resources to further a photographer’s work and career.

A Photographer's GUILD membership includes:


A hosted website with templates and customization tools
Use your own URL (

A networking platform to search & connect with other members
Photographers + Editors + Curators + Institutions

Submit to the GUILD Grant
Photojournalists + Art & Documentary Photographers

Access to a file drop box tool
Your website comes with easy drop box pages to quickly transfer (or store) files. GUILD members get 100Gb of storage included

Access to the FotoVisura international photo-sharing community
Public Archive + Local Motion News Feed + Industry Index

The FotoVisura Photo Editing Workshop
Full scholarships available for GUILD members, if accepted

Think of a photographer &

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