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We Are Wisconsin by Finn Ryan and David Nevala

We stand together to support workers and families of Wisconsin. We are teachers, firefighters, fathers, daughters, brothers, sisters, young, and old. We are Wisconsin.

Share your story: finnryan@gmail.com

Produced by Finn Ryan and David Nevala

Video and editing – David Nevala
Images – Narayan Mahon, Finn Ryan
Music – Cougar

© 2011 Finn Ryan and David Nevala

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  • Fabienne Mazoyer says:

    Thanks, very nice video and hope for many more. I wonder why nobody has asked what kind of benefits the Governor of Wisconsin may be getting and if he is willing to forfeit most of it!

  • marilyn anderson says:

    “We Are Wisconsin” is tremendous! Here in Rochester, NY, it helps us to feel even more solidarity with the brave workers in Wisconsin. It does what only photography can do. Thank you.

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