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Featuring Times Square Express by Benjamin Petit

Times Square Express

This journey is based on the emotional response that Times Square initially provoked in me. It captures the inexhaustible energy of New York City by night through its madness, its frenetic pace and its unique diversity. This project follows an uprooted European who peels back the layers of the American culture to reveal the city multiple faces.

Times Square is the main touristic hub in town. It gathers all the clichés of the US drift: high consumerism, advertisement ubiquity, junk food, sex market… mixed with a dense escaping population.

Since humans have taken power over nature to create a sublimate megalopolis, flat screen lights shine 24/7 so that days never end. Times Square becomes a theatre where a dark drama unfolds in a disturbing wonderland set. Each protagonist has his role, from the nationalist mad crowd to the transfigured police and media, surrounded by skyscrapers and the overwhelming economy. A feel for emergency arises.

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