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The 2011 Taste of Rum Festival will feature a photography exhibition on The History of Rum — displaying images by FSA Photographer Jack Delano, Curated by Visura’s Adriana Teresa. The festival has pledged its support for photography by donating 50% of proceeds from Sunday’s ticket sales to the Envision Foundation.

Join us in Puerto Rico, or make a donation towards the Envision Foundation here.

About Taste of Rum
Dedicated to promoting Puerto Rican high-end Rums to the world, Taste of Rum is a first class event that features a chance to experience all the prominent Puerto Rican Rums. You will also find great food from some of Puerto Rico Finest Restaurants, live music, and a feast of Puerto Rican joyful energy, culinary and musical richness and culture! www.tasteofrum.com

About The Envision Foundation
The Envision Foundation is an international non-profit organization that empowers young people to become involved in, and contribute to, their communities and the world through photography and digital media. www.theenvisionfoundation.org

Select your ticket

Donate to The Envision Foundation

Date: Saturday & Sunday, March 19 & 20
Location: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Price: $45 / Sunday, $35 / Saturday
*Must be 21+ years of age be able to enter the event.

Event Info: www.tasteofrum.com/taste/2011-itinerary