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MONTEVIDEO By Veronika Marquez
Verónica and Camila return to their country of origin to photograph themselves. This type of photography the family album photos. In this way, two meanings unfold in these portraits: on the one hand, that of marking one's presence in a particular place--the typical "I was here" expressed in tourist photos, and on the other hand, that of identity-the recognition of a certain belonging and pride in belonging, depicting for others the city of their origin. M. G. Toledo
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Saturday Saints By Veronika Marquez
Saturday Saints
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Camila- Self Portrait By Veronika Marquez
Camila- Self Portrait
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Veronika Marquez


 She was born in Montevideo in 1979, where she carried out her first performances with a theater and dance group.

At age 20, she moved to Buenos Aires, where she studied at the ARGRA Photojournalism School, and at the Andy Goldstein School of Creative Photography.

 Since 2006, she has lived in Spain, where she completed a master’s degree in Photojournalism at Madrid’s Escuela de Fotografía y Centro de Imagen (EFTI). There, she specialized in film lighting techniques applied to photography, and also began working with video formats.

 Beginning in 2008, she has shown some of her most important work in individual exhibitions, at  Madrid’s Finnish Cultural Center, My Name is Lolita and Galeria Cero, La Tabacalera, and at the prestigious Da2 Museum in Salamanca.

 In 2010, her project, “Camila,” was selected for exhibition at the Stephen Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles, and Radio Televisión Española’s Metrópolis broadcasted her video “Santoral del Sábado.”

 She has also participated in numerous international festivals, arts fairs, and collectives in various countries, including Greece, Cambodia, Israel, France, and the United States.

 She currently lives between Madrid and New York City, where she’s working on her visual art.





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