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RESETTLED By Bryan Meltz
“Before the war our life was good, we had four little girls. I learned to farm when I was a...
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Bryan Meltz  (b.1978) is a documentary photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia.  She specializes in long-term projects on social and humanitarian issues.  

Bryan graduated with a Visual Journalism degree from The Brooks Institute of Photography in 2003 and was named Emerging Female Documentary Photographer of the Year by the Yarka Vendrinska Memorial Fund for her long-term project on HIV/AIDS. 

In 2004 Bryan moved to Atlanta and worked as still photographer on the PBS documentary “Rain in a Dry Land” that chronicled the journey of several Somali Bantu families from Africa to America.  This led to her current long-term project on refugee resettlement in Clarkston, Georgia.  This work is focused on a single family that was resettled to Georgia in 2004.  This ongoing work has been recognized by REVIEW Santa Fe, the International Photography Awards, American Photo Images of the Year, and a Documentary Award from the Center for Fine Art Photography. 

In 2010, Bryan began collaborating with Atlanta based NGO GIANT documenting the ongoing public health crisis in Haiti following the Jan.12 earthquake.  This work has since been published in the book AFTER: Images from Haiti. 100% of the proceeds from book purchases will be donated to Georgia based GIANT Global’s ongoing work in Haiti. 

When not working on personal projects, Bryan’s work has been commissioned by Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Fader, Vibe, Blender, XXL, Mass Appeal, Rodale, Wal-Mart, The Hollywood Reporter, The Carter Center, and Emory University. 

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 Born in 1978 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.


BA Degree in Visual Journalism from The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. 1999-2003

Art History Major at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Richmond, VA.  1997-1999.


Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Financial Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, The Fader, Vibe, Blender, XXL, The Hollywood Reporter, Mass Appeal, Rodale, Wal-Mart, The Carter Center and Emory University. 


AFTER: Images from Haiti.  A yearlong rotating solo exhibition at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  2011.

RESETTLED: Clarkston Georgia exhibition at Spruill Arts Center, part of Atlanta Celebrates Photography 2010.   

Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review, 2009.

Review Santa Fe participant, 2009, for RESETTLED

Documentary Award from the Center for Fine Art Photography, 2009 for RESETTLED

American Photo Magazine Images of the Year Award, 2007, for RESETTLED.

Composition Gallery Atlanta.  RESETTLED: New Portraits by Bryan Meltz. September 9 October 29, 2006.

Composition Gallery Atlanta, February 11-August 8, 2006.

“Out of the South: Five Contemporary Photographers” Atlanta Photography Group, 2006

Yarka Vendrinska Memorial Scholarship Award for Documentary Photographers.  2005

International Photography Awards Honorable Mention 2004 and 2005

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. 2004 Human Rights Week Exhibition.

2003 Brooks Institute of Photography Departmental Award and Student Achievement Award

Barnstorm Eddie Adams Workshop for Photojournalism. “September 11, New York City: One Year Later”  2002

AIDS Project Central Coast.  2002 World AIDS Day Exhibition.  Santa Barbara, CA 

Svitz Ozor Fine Arts Gallery.  Santa Barbara, CA.  2002. 


“After: Images from Haiti” a new exhibition and book on the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquake. 

 “Resettled: Clarkston, Georgia” a long-term project on refugee resettlement in Clarkston, GA. 2004-present.

 “Goodbye Africa” four short documentary films for Channel Four (UK) directed by Barney Broomfield.

Still Photographer. 2005

 “Rain in a Dry Land” feature length documentary film directed by Anne Makepeace for PBS and Sundance Channel.  Still Photographer and Production Coordinator.  2004-2006.

“American Stories:  HIV in the South”, a long-term personal project on the impact of HIV in the South.  Photographer. 1999-2006.

 “HIV over 50” Personal project on the life of a Vietnam Veteran in Santa Barbara, CA.

Photographer. 1999-2003

“Sala C: Life on a Cuban AIDS Ward” Photo Essay  2001.  Published in the book, Cuba: Framing Time

AIDS Project Central Coast 2002 Latino HIV Prevention Campaign.  Santa Barbara, CA. Photographer.

Science Museum of Virginia.  Richmond, VA.  Photojournalist/Production Assistant.  1996-1999



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