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Street sellers from the slum By filippo romano
Street sellers from the slum
Selling on the street, going from door to door, is one of the most common trades in the African world, in both the rural areas and the slums of the big cities. The seller who goes around with the goods on his back is, in that situation, characteristic of those who are accustomed to fending for themselves and coming up with their own job. It is the crude spin-off of a changing, evolving economic process. The slums are not only places of extreme survival: a more careful look at them reveals that t
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Born in 1968, is a documentary and architecture photographer. He studied photo documentary at the full time program at the International Center of photography (I.C.P.). in New York. His photograhic projects are mostly about cities and urban dwellers. He currently collaborate for the architecture section of the art pubblisher Skira, and his work have been featurated in Abitare magazine , Dwell mag, Domus, Io Donna and Courrier International. In 2007 he is the winner of the grant Pesaresi\Contrasto with the project OFF CHINA. He is the co author of Soleri Town a book about the utopian architecture of Paolo Soleri in 2009 he was selected in the exhibition the Joy at the Rome photo festival with “Waterfront” a series from the project about rh city of Trieste. In 2010 his project route 106 was exhibited in the Biennale of Architecture in Venice In 2011 he have been part of the exhibition “Sao Paulo Calling” with the documentary Slum insider on the Slum of Mathare in Nairobi in collaboration with the NGO LiveInSlums. In october 2012 a long term project on the Palladio’s architecture have been exhibited in new Palladio museum in Vicenza. He is currently a member of the Agency Luzphoto. His work on the the Nairobi ghetto of Mathare is currently in the exhibition MadeinSlum\Mathare Nairobi in the Triennale Museum in Milan. From 2009 to 2013 he teachs photography and photodocumentary at the photography master class of Forma in Milan. He is currently a teacher of the Naba design school in Milan.


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