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Where the Ocean Meets the By Greg Brophy
Where the Ocean Meets the
As native of Hazlet, N.J., I have spent much of my life in and among the shore communities of South Jersey. Hazlet is a kind of gateway to the popular beach towns of  Sandy Hook, Seabright, Manasquan and Union - a sleepy hamlet through which countless sun worshippers pass to get to their favorite patch of seaside sand. For the past 13 years, my parents have lived in Manasquan, a small town near Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights and Belmar. I visit them on an almost weekly basis and...
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The Life and Death of Shore By Greg Brophy
The Life and Death of Shore
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The Gilded Age By Greg Brophy
The Gilded Age
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Beaches and Amusments By Greg Brophy
Beaches and Amusments
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Coney Island Lost By Greg Brophy
Coney Island Lost
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I graduated from Syracuse University in 1996 with a Degree in Fine Arts. I took my first photo class in London, 1995 and have been hooked ever since. When in London I even managed to get the teacher to give me an extra set of key to the darkroom so I could work at night. Since then I have been working mostly in medium and large format film and alternative methods.

What currently interests me centers on urban development and it’s impact on the people who live there. About the disappearing neighborhoods and void that is often left. I use my camera to evoke feelings of what the lost and forgotten places used to be like. To help people understand the idea that not every area has to be full and productive. That some places are more free and grow in a unique way outside of the confines of modern urban society. About the inequity of life and the world around us. To show and highlight the growing dysfunction I see around me.

Greg Brophy

1996 - Syracuse University, Syracuse New York. Bachelors in Fine Art

2013 Sandy: The Once and Future Superstorm, Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ
2013 The International Art Festival, CPW 25 Gallery, New York, NY
2013 The 5th Annual Curious Camera Event, Arts Eye Gallery, Tucson AZ
2013 Into The Blue, The Impossible Project Space New York, NY
2010 “Cold Fingers Reach Into the Night Air” Exhibited by the MTA in the 181st Street Subway New York, NY
2007 Economy, The City College of New York, NY
2006 Vague Terrain: Manhattanville, The City College of New York, NY

2010 “Anette Betty” Fotoblur
2010 "Highbridge Tower 3" SHOTS Magazine Issue #108
2012 "Coney Island Lost" Square magazine
2012 "Coney Island Lost" Pure Photo website
2012 "Coney Island Lost" Glossom website
2013 "Coney Island Lost" FotoVisura website
2013 “The Life and Death of a Shore Town” Interview with The Impossible Project on their website


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