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Tracks By Hajime Kimura
"This series depicts the life of horses in the island of Hokkaido in the coast of Japan. Here, horses are mainly a resource of food and gambling. Through this project, I hope to bring awareness to their life and use of horses in Japan. This story is my tracking of horse life to make sure what it's going on from the birth to death. In the end it's coming from a piece of my memories to try to link the other reality that "we eat horse"    The farmer told me “It will happen...
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Hajime Kimura is a Japanese photographer born in 1982. He was raised in Chiba prefecture just outside Tokyo.  Having studied architecture and anthropology at University, he began his career in  2006. 

His first long-term project “MATAGI” focused on Japanese ancient tribe in Nigata prefecture for 5 years was published in 2012. In the same year he participated in World press photo Joop swart masterclass.

These past couple of years he has been based in Japan while also covering China and India. He tries to describe how he felt on the ground between the subject and himself in order to reconstruct the interaction in his images.  

He is very much interested in putting his works on paper be it photobooks or exhibitions that gives that human touch.


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URL                       hajimekimura.net

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5-18-4 Sakasai, Kashiwa city, Chiba Japan 277-0042





In 1982, Hajime Kimura was born in Chiba prefecture next to Tokyo. In 2005, he graduated from architecture at Shibaura institute of technology in Tokyo. Since 2006 he has been actively photographed Asian countries, including China, India and Japan. Kimura wishes to express the invisible reality of human existence in the world with photography, and aspires to commit to his subject as hard as possible. His works has been exhibited and published world wide.




2011  TDPW(Tokyo Documentary photo workshop) Scholarship, Tokyo, Japan

2011  “Japan society for art of photography prize”, Ueno Hikoma Award, Fukuoka,


2011  Eddie Adams Workshop, New York, USA

2012  “FOTO VISURA select award” Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award,

       Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2012  World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012  “Kyushu Sangyo university prize”, Ueno Hikoma Award, Fukuoka, Japan

2013  “2nd prize, Vattenfall photo award” Berlin, Germany



2011  “Sequence of Drug”, Invisible photographers Asia, Singapore

2011  Solitary project", Bursa photo festival, Bursa, Turkey

2011  "Solitary", Angkor photo festival, Siem reap, Cambodia

2011  “Ueno Hikoma Awards Exhibition”, Museum of Kyushu Sangyo university, Fukuoka, Japan

2012  Solo Exhibition “Yamadachi”, Konica Minolta Photo Gallery, Tokyo

2012  "Man and dog", Bursa photo festival, Bursa, Turkey

2012  "MATAGI", Angkor photo festival, Siem reap, Cambodia

2013  Solo Exhibition “KODAMA” Reminders-Photography-Stronghold, Tokyo, Japan

2013  Group Exhibition “His Traces” C/O Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2013  Group Exhibition “Tracks” Format International Photo Festival, Derby, UK



2012 First photo book “KODAMA” by Mado-sha, Tokyo



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