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All of the snapshots in this series were made during the summer of 2011 when my partner Uliana and I spent six weeks road-tripping around Italy. I was shooting for a National Geographic travel book, and Uliana was journeying with me doing photography of her own. Our voyage covered a large portion of Italy from Rome north, with the exception of the Piedmont region in the northwest.
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CAPITOL HILL By Matt Propert
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SMALL PLACES By Matt Propert
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Matt Propert (b. 1982) is a photographer and photo editor living in Washington D.C. His work has been shown in one-person shows and published nationally and internationally. His editorial assignments have ranged from climbing and adventure to nature, conservation, and travel. These days Matt works as a photo-editor for the National Geographic Book Division while simultaneously pursuing personal photography projects. His work is represented by National Geographic, Getty and Corbis. Matt is available on a limited basis for freelance photography and editing projects. Please contact him for a full CV including photography and photo-editing work.


By age 17 Matt was living out of a Volkswagen bus traveling around the United States, exploring and developing a deep love for wild places and diverse people. At this young age Matt was taken by the allure of the mountains and oceans. For years he traveled to climb and explore them all the while developing a keen sense of compassion and respect for humanity and the environment. His climbing and diving adventures have taken him through many countries, including Switzerland, Egypt, Malta, Morocco, France, Germany, England and most of the United States. It was during these years of adventuring that Matt fell in love with photography and began shooting through rolls and rolls of slide film trying to preserve the memories of so many incredible experiences. Eventually his photographic passion grew to include not only the adventures and adventurers but also the fantastic and imperiled environments that often surround them.


Today Matt takes a more nuanced look at the world when photographing, and is equally inspired to photograph a wild untouched place as a place where mankind has made a strong impact on the environment. With his personal work Matt explores our perception of, and relationship with, nature, and our sense of place within the environments around us. Much of his work also encompasses themes of home and personal life.


When not working with photography you can find Matt out with his dog Brasil, surfing, or playing the classical guitar, always hunting for beauty even where it’s least likely to be found. 


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