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Stemming from my own insecurities Raw was born from a curiosity to explore self-doubt, as well as...
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Through the lens of a camera-driven mind, Nina Méndez Martí has fully explored her interest in the artistic world. By turning the camera on to herself and others, Nina has consciously begun the never-ending road to self discovery. Her childhood days in San Juan, Puerto Rico developed around snap shots, canvas and stages. She studied at Syracuse University in New York, where she graduated cum laude from the school of Vision and Performing Arts, In 2007, she worked in California with documentary photographer Lauren Greenfield, where she discovered the art of portrait photography. A Master in Photography at EFTI, the school of Photography in Madrid, Spain, became the next big step towards her professional development. Since then, she has been working on personal projects as well as teaching photography to children at the Museo de Arte of Puerto Rico and commissioned work for magazines and newspapers. In this book, Raw, Nina discovers the insecurities of people from all over the world.
Nina Méndez Martí, 1983 EXHIBITIONS SH Contemporary Art Fair – Shanghai, China 2010 Schüebbe Projects Deutschlandpremieren - Solo Presentation – Dusseldorf, Germany 2010 German Art Festival Schüebbe Projects Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair – Hong Kong, Japan 2010 Schüebbe Projects Collective Exhibition “Dog Love” – Dorado, Puerto Rico 2010 Fisrt Place Dog Love Photography Contest Fist Art Foundation Permanent Collection – Miami, Florida Galerie Helene Lamarque Collective Exhibition “2010” – San Juan, Puerto Rico 2010 Galería Petrus Collective Exhibition “Colectiva 12x12”– San Juan, Puerto Rico 2009 Galería Yemayá Collective Exhibition “Eclectric Art” – Cidra, Puerto Rico 2009 Rhoma Gallery Collective Exhibition “Estado de Alarma” ”– San Juan, Puerto Rico 2009 Galería Yemayá Collective Exhibition “Solstice” – San Juan, Puerto Rico 2009 Fefos’s Restaurant PhotoEspaña 2008 – Madrid, Spain 2008 EFTI Gallery EXPERIENCE CIRCA Art Fair – San Juan, Puerto Rico 2009 Gallery Assistant Schuebbe Projects SAL! Magazine – San Juan, Puerto Rico Freelance Photographer Galeria Yemayá – San Juan, Puerto Rico Art Gallery Assistant Jane Evelyn Atwood Photography – Paris, France 2009 Internship Studio Assistant El Nuevo Día Newspaper Freelance Photographer Almas Band Music Photographer Syracuse University in Madrid – Madrid, Spain 2008 International Abroad Program Photographer & Graphic Designer Lauren Greenfield Photography – Los Angeles, California 2007 VII Photojournalism Agency Photographer Internship in Documentary Photography Studio Assistant Robert Berman Gallery – Santa Monica, California 2007 Art Gallery Assistant EDUCATION EFTI School of Photography - Madrid, España, 2008 Masters in Photgraphy Julia Dean Photography Workshops - Los Angeles, California, 2007 Photojournalism and Travel Photography student with professors, photographers of The Los Angeles Times Syracuse University - Syracuse, New York, 2006 Major I Graphic Design Minor Photography Photography Festivals and Seminars: New York Photo Festival - Brooklyn, New York, 2009 VII Photojournalism Agency - Los Angeles, California, 2007


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