Lynne Warberg’s Profile

Lynne Warberg (b.1951, Aurora, IL) is an American photographer and writer focusing on culture, spiritualism, religion, social issues, and mental health.

Lynne studied with the renowned scenic photographer Ansel Adams. Her work has been collected by numerous institutions and private collectors.

Lynne has worked on long term photo projects and Editorial and Advertising assignments in the US and across the globe. On set shooting publicity film stills and portraits. Her film credits can be found on Warberg.

Her social documentary photography projects include, “Para Los Ninos”, depicting “latch key” children of illegal aliens residing in run down hotel rooms in downtown Los Angeles's Skid Row. Reaganomics: The Homeless of Venice Beach, CA, a series of B/W portraits and quotes from the mentally disabled homeless population forced into the streets after the closure of mental health facilities during the early 1980’s and Possession: Haiti’s Vodou Culture, which won her a NYFA Fellowship in Photography.
"My Brain is on Fire", navigates a Mother's journey to find a diagnosis and treatment for her son suffering from rapid cycling mood disturbances since early childhood.
"Blond Voodoo", a memoir/love story. This portrayal reveals a uniquely personal and human perspective of the author's sole journeys.The photographer intuitively finds her way in a tortured but magical place. Haiti allows time to heal, to reflect and turn her aching heart into art where spirit stands still long enough for the photographer it has chosen.

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